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Inverleith Park – Sunshine, Seagulls and Swans

Inverleith Park – Sunshine, Seagulls and Swans

As promised in my previous post I will now give you an insight into my post sandwich saunter at Inverleith Park.

I clearly need to get out more, I was unaware how big and beautiful Inverleith Park is, it was the perfect lunching spot with plenty of photo opportunities afterwards.

Inverleith Gull

This seagull had taken a disliking towards all the other birds, it kept swooping down and ripping feathers out of everybody else. It was a bully, I’m not sure why the pigeons didn’t stand up for themselves.


Another seagull avoided all the drama by taking a walk alongside the lake, this soon became quite a craze in the park.


I wouldn’t be walking around on concrete if I had an inbuilt flight mode, but I suppose you may get bored of it eventually.

The swans had kept far away from all the commotion in the lake, they only seemed interested in their own reflections:

DSC_0577 - Version 2

Swans are both majestic and vain, this is what I learned in Inverleith Park – this one would go to extraordinary lengths just to take a look at his reflection.


When leaving the lake arena I passed through another wide open space with plenty of people taking advantage of the lovely weather. One piece of advice though, if you do intend on having a BBQ please make sure you don’t put it in a bin whilst it’s still hot:


There is a great view of Arthur’s Seat available from the park, I’ll almost certainly be coming back to relax in here again, perhaps my next post will be written from this very park.


It’s so nice to be able to find a green area such as this a few minutes away from Stockbridge. Edinburgh has so many great parks and I intend to see them all.

Park: EdinBlogger (11/11)

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